Michael Matheson is a gender fluid Toronto (the Canadian one) writer, editor, anthologist, and book reviewer. Michael is also a managing editor (CZP eBooks) with ChiZine Publications and a submissions editor with Apex Magazine.

Their fiction and occasional poetry can be found, or is forthcoming, in several venues, including Ideomancer, and the anthologies Chilling Tales 2Dead North, FracturedFuture LovecraftMark of the Beast, and Masked Mosaic, among others. Michael is also editing three anthologies for 2015: Start a Revolution (Exile Editions, Spring 2015), This Patchwork Flesh (Exile Editions, Fall 2015), and The Humanity of Monsters (ChiZine Publications, Fall 2015), with other anthology projects in the works.

Michael’s book reviews have appeared in ChiZineThe Globe and Mail, and Innsmouth Free Press, and Michael is the former reviews editor for ChiZine. From 2010-2013 Michael was editor of the Friends of the Merril Collection newsmagazine Sol Rising, and from 2011-2014 Michael also built and maintained the Canadian Speculative Fiction List (CSFL).

See the Bibliography page for more information on published and upcoming projects, including those listed above as well as other non-fiction projects.

Michael also, once upon a time, used to draw. You can see why they turned their hand to fiction instead by visiting their DeviantArt page: ComesTheNight.

Michael is a freelance editor, and a dedicated Editing page is in the works. In the meantime, to get in touch with Michael about the editorial services they offer, please see the Contact page.


The “Self Portrait” image pictured above is © Michael Matheson. Please refrain from using this image in any capacity.

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