You Might Say It’s … “In Progress” …

This website is currently under construction (because, you know, you couldn’t tell).

Please do check back with us shortly. We’ll be up and running soon. And below is a small preview of why you would actually want to come back:

“A Dark and Terrible Beauty” is the author website of Michael Matheson who is … well … an author. Also a freelance editor and technical/public relations writer. And a sometime artist (emphasis on the sometime). A bit of a jack of all trades really when you come right down to it. I, more to the point (now with 50% less ramble), am the current editor of a jazzy little outreach publication run by the Friends of the Merril Collection called Sol Rising, and have fiction published/forthcoming in several venues including Aoife’s Kiss and Innsmouth Free PressFuture Lovecraft anthology (yes, I’m that kind of writer).

Now, ultimately this is one of those “sites” on the Internet where you can come and see what an author has done, what they’re doing, how their general plans for world domination and market supersaturation are going, etc. Although in my case that constitutes writing related things like publications, reviews, redirects toward awesome or otherwise engaging content, and a general lack of “my cat danced today” style updates (which would also be in part because I don’t actually have a cat). And while I do think that dancing cats deserve special mention, that really won’t be occuring here.

So, as I say, do check back and see what the hell’s going on in this vaguely nonsensical (though always delightful) corner of the universe before the stars align and none of this hullaboo matters anymore.

There will be actual “posts”, updates to theme and some other absolutely nifty things going on as soon as I can swing them.

No, really, you’ll like them.

Do drop by again.

Michael Matheson

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