A Work of (Hopefully Metaphoric) Ages

Well at least things are getting started around here …

The Bibliography page is up and current, though the rest of the site is still in progress. For something that you would think was relatively simple it seems that building a site, even one as relatively simplistic as this one is, can sometimes take a fair bit of time.

I think mostly it’s the fact that I spend a great deal of my time writing. Shocking, what with being an author and all, I know, but there you have it. Some people can’t find their Muse. Mine won’t shut up …

Not that I’m complaining mind, I like it this way. Actually I tend to go a bit balmy when the Muse doesn’t visit for a while (which is a rare, rare occurence), so this really does work out rather better.

Now, aside from the site actually coming together, albeit slowly, there are things you might well want to be aware of. If you visit the Bibliography page you’ll note that there’s a listing for a Lecture happening this coming September. Said lecture will be taking place in Toronto (the one in Canada) and if you’re in town I suggest you drop by and have a listen. I’ll be giving that lecture at a (currently) bi-annual event called the ACCSFF (Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy). It’s quite a fascinating event actually, and even if Academic goodness isn’t exactly your cup of tea you might well want to consider attending anyway given that the Guest of Honour this year is Charles de Lint. If you don’t already know who de Lint is you’ll want to take some time to familiarize yourself with his work (both his fiction and his song writing). And amusingly enough I get to give my lecture at the ACCSFF directly after de Lint’s Q+A. I know, right?

And on a different front, Innsmouth Free Press has announced a release date of December 2011 for their Future Lovecraft anthology, which if you’ve been following along with this website or have visited the Bibliography page you’ll know I’m in. Admittedly, the contributors have been asked not to share the Contributor’s List with the public yet, so I can’t give out any details as to who else is in the anthology. But don’t worry, IFP will post the full list of contributing authors sometime in August, and you won’t be disappointed. The full list is awesome.

And now back to the busy side of things, what with the writing and the slow crafting of this website and the many other things that lay claim to my time. No bull there. If you think a writer’s life isn’t busy just remember that writing is something most writers have to do around a paying job, or two, or … you see where I’m going with this, right? Add to that the fact that most professional/full-time writers tend to be rather prolific and you’ve got a great recipe for no sleep (witness me posting this at 3:00 am local time … ).

Incidentally, if you’re ever interested in just how prolific a professional writer can be have a look at the following people’s websites:

First things first, I’m not saying that any of these three writers are busier, per se than the wide field of speculative writers wandering around, and people like James Patterson do make the rest of us look positively arthritic by comparison. However, I have picked the above three writers as exemplars of both exceptionally quick and extremely busy people because all of them in addition to their paying jobs not only write, but run at least one publication/press. And they all have an exquisite gift for language and storytelling that shows through in all of their work.

Still think being a writer is a breeze?

Till next we meet again in some shadowed corner of these delusive byways …

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