Your (Ir)regularly Scheduled 2011 ACCSFF Reminder

Just a reminder that the 2011 ACCSFF (Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy) is being held on September 10th, 2011. You have one week remaining to register. Or you can always just register at the door.

This year’s conference is being held in the basement (totally a misnomer, it’s a sizeable auditorium) of the Lillian H. Smith branch (239 College St., SW corner of College and Huron) of the Toronto Public Library system. As ever, this event is being run in cooperation with the Friends of the Merril Collection. You should read their newsletter. Awesome stuff there (totally not a conflict coming from me …).

The programme for this year’s conference can be found here, and if you weren’t already planning on attending you really should. The Guest Author at this year’s convention is Charles de Lint. He’ll be participating in a Q&A with the attendees. Following de Lint there’s a whole spate of fascinating lectures coming from a large number of academics, in addition to my own lecture.

The day’s events run from about 8:30 am (registration) to 6:00 pm (closing remarks) so clear your schedule and swing on by. It’ll be a blast.

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