Full Friggin’ Week, Friends

Some weeks are fuller than others.

Multiple announcements this week. Or, well, in a couple of cases they’re more updates than actual announcements. Per se.

First things first:

The Future Looks a Little Cthonic. Also Vaguely Interstellar

Yup, Innsmouth Free Press‘ Future Lovecraft releases in less than a month (actually it’ll be available for pre-sale in a few days). And the anthology now has a finalized cover layout! Silvia Moreno-Garcia has put up a preview of the final book, which I highly recommend you have a look at. The cover art is creepy, disturbing, and yet strangely alluring …

What? I like the cover.

Sadly, neither my name nor a catchy rendering down of my story grace the cover (though I am technically one of the “many more authors”, so there).

I suppose I’ll simply have to settle for being one of the authors reading at the Future Lovecraft launch party (hosted by the Friends of the Merril Collection at their annual Christmas Cream Tea). I’ll be reading from my story Rubedo, an Alchemy of Madness. And having had a chance to read through a galley edition of the anthology, there are a lot of really good reasons to pick up a copy once the pre-sale rolls around (I’ve already picked favourites ’cause, hey, they’re not my kids).

Given that it will be myself, Helen Marshall and Ada Hoffman reading from the anthology things should be a hell of a lot of fun. Though, truthfully, it just feels fucking great to be selling stories (and getting into awesome anthologies to boot). I don’t even want to go into how long that took …

Speaking of which, it looks like my story White Noise will be up at the Lovecraft eZine in December. The release month isn’t set in stone, but I’m fairly certain at this point.

And speaking of stories:

The 2011-2012 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest is Up and Running

Yup. The reading period is now open. And will remain open through February 15, 2012.

I could spell out all the Contest goodness here, but I think I’d rather redirect you to the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest website. I really don’t feel like retyping all the information that goes with the contest right now as I’ve been doing it for several weeks now for all kinds of releases and the contest website itself.

So, short hand: It’s awesome. The prizes, of which there are 3, total $500 (CDN). The max word limit on entries is 4k, and there is an entry fee of $5 (CDN). Oh, and I’m on the final judges panel, along with Leah Bobet, Michael Kelly, Sandra Kasturi and Chris Szego.

And hey, you can always follow the contest on Twitter as well (@fomcontest).

And that’s not all the Friends of the Merril are up to:

John Scalzi, the Man Himself (Accept no Cloned Substitutes), is Coming Back to the Merril

This Thursday, November 17th at 7 p.m., John Scalzi will be back at the Merril Collection for a reading (I believe he’s reading some material from the forthcoming Redshirts and possibly other works) and a Q&A. Scalzi mentioned the reading in with his SFContario schedule.

We absolutely adore John Scalzi at the Merril. If you’ve ever read his work or follow his blog, Whatever, you know why.

The event will be happening in the basement/auditorium of the Lillian H. Smith branch of the Toronto Public Library. Scalzi has a tendency to attract a fair crowd, and the Merril Reading Room just isn’t big enough to hold it (we speak from experience). The auditorium, however, is delightfully large. So come out if you’re in the area, enjoy, and spend some time with John Scalzi.

Did we say John Scalzi enough times?

John Scalzi.

And speaking of SFContario:

SFContario (November 18 – 20)

Yes, John Scalzi will be at SFContario, as a GoH no less. And you know it’s going to be a good weekend when your other GoHs are Karl Schroeder and Gardner Dozois.

And there will also be a somewhat less well known author in attendance (though not as a GoH): me.

I would share with you a picture, but there are, as far as I know, no pictures of me available on the internet (and you’re damn right in thinking I work hard to make sure it stays that way). No, think about it for a moment. There are exactly two kinds of author photos:

1. The ones where the authors look fucking amazing.

2. The ones where the authors look as though they just crawled their way out of their own grave.

I’m not taking any chances people. Especially since, being an insomniac, I do at times vaguely resemble a raccoon. And as far as I know, Sly Cooper is the only one who can carry that off without looking creepy. Although being an anthropomorphic raccoon he is kind of cheating …

In any case, I shall be wandering the halls of the convention. I will be there all weekend. If you happen to see someone who looks immensely like the avatar I use on this site (I’m not kidding, it does look a hell of a lot like me) feel free to say hi.

I’ll see all of you coming down (or up, east, west, whatever) for SFContario this weekend.

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