Your Regularly Scheduled Ridiculously Short Update

Just sold a story I had very little hope of finding a home for – which is what happens when you write a story whose inception is the following internal conversation:

Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. Kind of skeevy though …

Oh, what the hell.

I’m still finalising the contract so I can’t announce the venue yet, though nothing prevents me from telling you that the story is in an anthology. Or that the story’s title is Night Life. It’s quite a fun little piece, if creepy, and, well … pretty sick actually. Like I said: skeevy.

I’ll talk about the venue once everything is settled. In the meantime – in case any of you were wondering – I’m going to be spending the weekend (Friday is a part of this particular “weekend”) at SFContario. I hope to see some of you there.

And if you’re looking for something to do this weekend why not take a gander at the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest ?

Night all.

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