Future Lovecraft Goodness (And Related Updates)

Hot Damn! Review copies of the Future Lovecraft anthology are now available through Innsmouth Free Press. You can contact IFP directly to get your hands on one. And I, having seen the galley (well, obviously, being one of the authors in the anthology …), highly recommend that you do so. If you want a print review copy though you’ll have to wait for the Dec. 1st release date.

And, for those of you who aren’t already aware of it, the Friends of the Merril Collection are hosting a launch party for Future Lovecraft in less than a fortnight (Dec. 3rd). Swing on by if you’re in Toronto. I, Helen Marshall and Ada Hoffman will all be reading from our work. And there’ll be Lovecraftian Christmas Carols. You can’t not win (damn the double negatives, full speed ahead!).

Speaking of Helen Marshall, she and Sandra Kasturi won the 2011 Aurora Award in the Best Fan Organizational Category for their work on the 2010 SpecFic Colloquium! The award was presented at this year’s SFContario. And the photo up on Helen’s website (scroll down to the second one) is evidence of the best use ever for an Aurora Award trophy.

SFContario was good in a number of respects, actually, not least of which was something Sandra and I discussed during the course of the Con. I’ll be making an announcement about it in a little bit, but not just yet. I will tell you, however, that it is ChiZine related. And that it will be utterly awesome.

For those of you who are counting, that now makes 2 full announcements pending: one publication related, the other something a little different, though equally f’ing cool.

In the meantime keep your eye on this blog for updates. I’ll post them as I have them.

Night all.

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