Future Lovecraft Updates (eBooks, Pre-Sales/Reviews and Parties, Oh My)

Some quick updates on the availability of Future Lovecraft.

Future Lovecraft in eBook Format

As of today (Nov. 23rd) Future Lovecraft (pictured below) is available on Amazon for $3.99 (pretty sure that’s in USD). There’s quite a fair amount of preview material available to be viewed before you make a purchase, so you can see the quality of what you’re getting as well.

And you can also see the first few pages of my story (Rubedo, An Alchemy of Madness) in the preview! Though if you want to finish my story you’ll have to buy the anthology (how’s that for a cliffhanger?).

Physical Copies of Future Lovecraft on Pre-Sale

The print copies of Future Lovecraft aren’t available until December, but there’s a pre-sale (at a 20% discount) on over at Innsmouth Free Press. The pre-sale runs until Dec. 4th, which is one day after …

The Future Lovecraft Launch Party!

For all those of you who haven’t yet been nattered at by me about this, or who have not yet come across it at the IFP website, there is a launch party for Future Lovecraft on Dec. 3rd. It’s being put on by the Friends of the Merril Collection, and three of the authors featured in the anthology will be there: myself, Helen Marshall (who just won an Aurora Award for her joint work with Sandra Kasturi in organizing and running the 2010 SpecFic Colloquium) and Ada Hoffman. See the first link in this section for full details.

And last but not least:

Review Copies of Future Lovecraft Available

Looking to do a review of Future Lovecraft for a website, blog, or magazine? Well, now you can! If you’d like a review copy (pretty sure multiple formats are available) you need to get in touch with Silvia Moreno-Garcia of Innsmouth Free Press at “publisher@innsmouthfreepress.com” to request one. I’ll be keeping an eye out for reviews (it’s an ego thing) but if anyone would like to drop me a line about having done one that would be great too. Potentially for both of us since I would eventually like to be able to put up a section on this website collecting links to/excerpts from reviews of my work. So, really, everybody wins, right?

That’s all for now, though I’ll obviously be blogging about the Future Lovecraft launch party after the fact. If anyone has any questions, or wants to get in touch with me re the anthology you can feel free to leave a Comment here, or you can drop me a line at “mathesonfreelancing@gmail.com“.

And support the author. Buy/review a copy of Future Lovecraft  :)

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