Being Busy Is Good For Everything But A Blog …

Between ongoing projects, a short fiction contest I’m running and judging for – the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest – and events like a book launch – the Future Lovecraft book launch held on the 3rd – I’m not getting much blogging done.

That’s probably not terribly bad since I still can’t talk about either of my two announcements yet. Soon I hope, but not just yet.

And as for the blog I will do on the Future Lovecraft book launch, I will probably put that up once I have some pictures to show along with it. There are some in the works, but they’re not ready yet.

In the meantime, if you’d like a lovely (text-based) snapshot of what the launch was like, Ada Hoffmann – who along with Helen Marshall and myself constituted the readers for the launch – has blogged about the Future Lovecraft launch on her LiveJournal account.

As for upcoming appearances, I will be at ChiZine‘s “A Very ChiZine Holiday Special Special” (in the audience, not on the program), which is happening the evening of Dec. 14th. ChiZine puts on some of the best shows going, and several of my friends work for/work with/run the press, so I’m always happy to head to their events and have a good time.

And two last notes before I sign off for the night:

If anyone is interested in getting review copies of Future Lovecraft, please contact Silvia Moreno-Garcia, preferably through the Innsmouth Free Press Contact Page. The anthology is excellent, looks absolutely gorgeous, and has a ToC to drool over. Not that anyone is demanding that you enjoy it, though you’ll have a hard time not loving the book. And damn it, I want to be able to link to reviews! So request a copy if you haven’t already. It’s a barrel of fun. Apocalyptic, face-eating, Elder God fun. You know, for the family.

And second, Chris Szego, who is the Manager of Bakka Phoenix Books, offered to stock the remaining launch copies of Future Lovecraft at Bakka, so there are several copies in the store, which you can come buy in person if you’re in Toronto or can make your way in from wherever you are now. Also, Bakka is having their “Not-Exactly-Annual Christmas Party” on Sat., Dec. 10th, starting at 1:00 p.m. Bakka throws a great party, and the people who show are an awful lot of fun, so if you can show for this, swing on by. I understand from Chris that people will be dropping in and out of the party throughout the day, so there will likely be an eclectic mix of people there. Oh, and Bakka is discounting books, magazines, calendars and cards in-store by 15% on the 10th, so it’s a really good day to pick up Future Lovecraft. And anything else you’ve been holding off on getting.

I’ll be back in a bit, once things are a little less hectic. Though if the pictures for the Future Lovecraft launch show up while things are still hectic I’ll post them anyway.

Night all.

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