1 of 3 Announcements Unveiled, and Other Goodies (also Holiday Cheer)

So, first things first, happy holidays to those of you who celebrate the joy of the season, whatever your persuasion and holiday … proclivities … may be. May the season bring you happiness, togetherness, and good tidings.

And now that we have the saccharin (though honestly meant) portion of this post out of the way:

A Trilogy of Unveilings in Three Parts

Part I (Parts II and III to Follow at a Later Date)

I am now able to discuss one of the three announcements that I’ve been so cagey about over the last little while. Oddly enough, it’s the latest of the three.

I am now working as a Submissions Editor (“slush reader” for those who don’t like the fancy term) with Apex magazine! For those not familiar with Apex – and shame on you for that – it’s a magazine that tends toward the darker side of the fantastic. Some extraordinarily gifted authors have been printed in Apex under various editors. And speaking to that, Lynne M. Thomas took over editorship from Catherynne M. Valente (yes, it is entirely possible that one’s middle name must start with an “M” to edit Apex …) quite recently, so the magazine is experiencing a miniature rebirth – as occurs with any editorial hand off – with some guideline amendments and a renewed focus on internal slush intake as opposed to the automated, third-party intake system they were using.

Specifically, it means hiring on new staff. And voilà. Yours truly gets to work for a pro-rate, SFWA qualifying fiction market!

Told you there were magazine related announcements coming :p

I’ll unveil the other two when I’m able.

Future Lovecraft Gets Some Love

The first review for Future Lovecraft is now online, and you can find it at “Fame and Fortune”. And the reviewer proves, in short order, to possess inarguably good taste by declaring that

Rubedo, an Alchemy of Madness is as potent as the morphia dulling Eliana’s senses.

Flattery will get you everything :)

The reviewer – whose name I am not ignoring, I simply don’t know it, though I believe they go by “satyre” – cited a number of the stories and poems in the anthology as “having particular interest for [them]”, which is an excellent review to receive for an anthology, because it captures that elusive quality known as cohesiveness you ideally want in an anthology. Many anthologies, theme or otherwise, don’t quite hit all the right notes. When a reviewer states that many and/or all of the work in an anthology appealled to them you know you’ve got something special.

But the reviewer goes a step further with the final paragraph of their highly enjoyable review (bolding by me):

Admiration for the inclusion of strands of poetry in an anthology aside, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles are to be commended for picking complementary stories and poems in distinct themes.  The diversity of authors and settings is a delight for those jaded with dreary New England shores and dissections of Lovecraft’s racism.  This anthology shows the bleak universe that HPL and his peers advocated finds roots in all soils.  Which is as it should be.  The cosmic horrors dwelling beyond our apprehension care little about such pettiness.  This is a quality anthology and worthy of your attention if you’re a fan of this genre.

Can I get a “hot damn” from the audience?

That’s a pretty awesome first review for the anthology. And there’ll be more of them coming. I’m thinking I’d like to pull together a reviews page, so if you’re writing a review of the antho you can feel free to drop me a line because I’d love to read your review. Granted, I’d ideally like to pull together reviews of my work specifically, but I’d like to see how Future Lovecraft is being received in a more general sense as well.

And for those who are following along on the other side of this conversation, you can view announcements, updates, and Future Lovecraft related information on the FL Facebook page. And hey, if you’re in Toronto, Bakka Phoenix Books has several copies of the print version of the anthology. This is actually quite a treat since the print version of Future Lovecraft is generally available only through online ordering.

Also, I will blog about the launch party the Friends of the Merril Collection hosted back on Dec. 3rd once the photos are in – which I’ve been informed should be some time after Christmas, so not too long to wait now :)

In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to do, why not visit the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest website? The reading period is open until Feb. 15, 2012, and I’m one of the Final Panel Judges, so you can’t lose. Also, it’s for a good cause, and there are cash prizes to be won, so good times all round, right?

Merry Cthulhumas to all, and to all a good night!

And remember: if there are sugar plums dancing in your head, you probably want to see a doctor about that.

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2 Responses to 1 of 3 Announcements Unveiled, and Other Goodies (also Holiday Cheer)

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Hooray Cthulu! Congrats on the new job, that’s really cool! And the reviews! Great job!

    • Iä. Iä. Cthulhu Fhtagn?

      No, seriously, thank you immensely. It does feel quite nice I have to admit.

      And on another note, having had a look at the pitch letter up on your website for the Athele Series I’d say that’s some very promising material. Are the two of you still writing it, or are you on to trying to place it?

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