Publication Date Announcements

Some good old fashioned publication announcements: fixed dates and almost fixed dates, all painted in stark relief and pitiless brevity. Read on …

Writing Announcements

Got final confirmation today (now, technically, yesterday) about the inclusion of Night Life in the anthology it sold to. Which means …

I can now announce that Night Life has sold to Rainstorm PressNailed! anthology. Yes, the story is skeevy, and rather sick, as mentioned sometime back, when I first announced that I had sold it. I do not, as of now, know what else is in the anthology with it, having not yet seen a galley – the anthology is still being put together. There are, however, plans to have the completed anthology available, or at least listed on Rainstorm Press’ website, sometime in February.

In the meantime, I have updated the Bibliography page to reflect the release date.

And speaking of releases, that brings us to our next point.

Yet More Writing Announcements

Having heard from Mike Davis (who runs the Lovecraft eZine) it would appear that my story White Noise will appear in the next issue. I believe that will constitute a late January release, though there is always the possibility of that translating into February instead. One never entirely knows :)

Announced the sale of this one too a ways back, but wasn’t sure when it was going to release. Well, now we know. Don’t we?

I haven’t updated the Bibliography page for this one yet, and won’t until the story actually goes up and there is a firm month to list for publication.

Other things still in the works. I’ll update as I have information to share.

I’d sound more enthusiastic about everything, but I’m still kind of wiped out from pulling together the latest (Winter 2012) edition of Sol Rising. That, incidentally, I have also updated on the Bibliography page. Still going to be a day or two before it’s online though.

Night all. Dream well, but come back to the land of the waking.

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