Upcoming 2012 Publications and Other News

First Publication of 2012

Mike Davis, of the Lovecraft eZine, has put up the preview for Issue #10. I’m listed in the contents, and you get a sneak peek at a few lines from my story White Noise. So, now having confirmation that that story is coming out this month, I’m going to update the Bibliography section to reflect that.

However, the best part?

I’m sharing ToC space with Joe Pulver and Brett Talley.

Oh yes, 2012 is starting with a bang :)

 And in other news …

The Friends of Merril Short Story Contest reading period closes at midnight (EST) on Feb. 15, 2012, so you’ve got less than a month to get your sub(s) in if you haven’t already. It’s a worthwhile cause, with all funds raised above and beyond what it takes to pay out the winner’s purse – to be divvied up among the top three winners – to be used to support the Merril Collection of Speculation, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

You can find all the relevant information on the Contest website. Still plenty of time to write an entry, or entries, help spread the word, or ask any questions you need to ask before you get down to subbing your work – incidentally, all queries should be directed to me at fomsscontest@gmail.com.

As always, more news as I have it.

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