A Minor Observation

A visitor to the site yesterday got here via a comment of mine on a Quill and Quire story – this one – from about three months ago, and it consequently occurred to me that I will argue with people/compose lengthy rebuttals at the drop of a hat.

Am I naturally contrarian? To a degree. Though I suspect it has more to do with being highly opinionated. And easily irked by people making asinine/uninformed statements.

In this case, however, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking back at a post about libraries and library funding, given that Toronto’s librarians are still trying to avoid striking if at all possible. If you haven’t read the original article, the first response, and my own rebuttal, you probably should. Just to put things in context: I volunteer with libraries and library aid organizations on a regular basis, so I know what the hell I’m talking about when I wade into this subject.

And, yes, I do go on for a bit. You were warned :p

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