Whoops (On So Many Levels)

Totally missed that the Nailed! anthology – which I have a story (Night Life) in – had come out, although this is not actually my fault since I had assumed that the book would be listed on Rainstorm Press‘ (the publisher’s) website.

Silly me.

Turns out you have to go to Amazon to find it.

And now I’m going to take a moment to do something I would ordinarily (strongly) suggest you never do: I’m going to tell you that I won’t be buying a copy of the anthology I’m in (no, I didn’t get comp. copies).


Because I’ve read the excerpt of the first story, or tried to. My editor’s hat went on after the first few lines and I stopped reading.

Yes, I’m in the ToC. Yes, my story was accepted for the antho. Yes, I gave this story away for free (mostly because there aren’t too many markets where you can place a just over flash fiction length, honest-to-god horror story with some decidedly erotic elements – though it’s probably my own fault that I didn’t try harder with the paying markets). I’m no stranger to reading anthologies where there are some stories that don’t work – I’m a reviewer, and I read voraciously anyway, and there’s an awful lot of bad fiction published in any given year – though I was inordinately pleased when I had a chance to read the galley of Future Lovecraft before it was published and thoroughly enjoyed everything in it, speaking both as a reader and an editor.

Not so much with Nailed!. This might also actually have something to do with the fact that I was writing horror with an erotic sideline, whereas a lot of the work in that anthology seems to be graphic erotica with a sideline of horror.

Also, I miss the original cover, which had much better framing, and was far more potent. It was also bleaker, and less “modern family does murder”.

Anyway, last time I give a story away without a damn good reason. I’m going to continue to list the book under the Bibliography page, and on the sidebar, but I don’t think I’ll be talking about it much in future. Shame, too, because I like doing promotion for anthologies, magazines, and websites who publish my work.

Speaking of which – you want to buy a copy of a good anthology? Go pick up a copy of Future Lovecraft.

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