Passing the Word for a Friend

Meant to post this earlier in the day, but it’s been a full damn day (not bad, just busy).

Mike Davis, of the Lovecraft eZine, has put out a call for financial aid. He funds the magazine out of pocket and he’s had a setback in terms of medical bills (Mike suffers from severe fibromyalgia).

And by setback I mean a medical bill for $1,100 dollars.

Mike is totally awesome in general, and a terribly decent human being. The Lovecraft eZine itself is a phenomenally good Lovecraftian mag, and if you’re able to make a donation you should help him out. 

And it should be mentioned that Mike put out the call for aid not because it’s something he does fanatically – the Lovecraft eZine has a monthly donation structure in place, and Mike is extremely uncomfortable asking for donations in any case because the mag isn’t running to make a profit (the Lovecraft eZine runs in the red). No, Mike is trying to recoup the funds necessary to pay his authors and artists for the next couple of months worth of issues.

You can read Mike’s appeal here.

And if you can’t help out financially, feel free to spread the word.



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