Two Quick Future Lovecraft Updates and Other Notes

Two things of note have happened regarding the Future Lovecraft anthology in the last few days.

The first is an announcement made by one of the editors, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, on her blog concerning the fact that the subsidiary rights to Future Lovecraft have been bought by Prime Books, which intends to produce a slightly different (in terms of final physical format, and also possibly a different cover) run of the anthology in August of this year.

Prime is (in)famous for producing reprint anthologies like jackrabbits – much of this done under the guidance of Paula Guran, who is quite an accomplished anthologist. It is rare, however, insofar as I know, for Prime to purchase an indie anthology less than a year old and give it a mass market re-release. Silvia is right when she suggests that this seems to speak to someone at Prime considering  Future Lovecraft to have mass appeal. Given that the anthology speaks to the themes of the Lovecraftian Mythos rather than engaging in pastiche, I quite agree that the anthology has the potential to be read widely by those who might otherwise not touch a Lovecraftian story.

And the second piece of news re the anthology is that there is now a third review of Future Lovecraft to be found online.

The review, put together by Joanna K Neilson on her Haunted Eyeball blog, is highly favourable, and cites numerous stories as recommended reading.

Particularly gratifying to me (obviously) is the praise given to my own story in the anthology, “Rubedo, an Alchemy of Madness”, which is one of the recommended stories:

Brilliant tale. Stranded at the ass end of space, a female scientist assists with a difficult birth. Terrific description really pulls you into this tale of insanity, sadness and solitude. Very impressive space action here, too.

People really do say the nicest things, don’t they? :)

On a totally unrelated note, the winners of the 2011-2012 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest, of which I am Contest Administrator, were announced not long ago. The announcement can be found here, and the winning stories will be posted on the website on or before May 1st.

The Contest website is also currently home to the 2011 Canadian SF list, which I’ve been compiling for the last several months now, as a guide for both Aurora Award eligible fiction and as a repository of all the Canadian SF fiction, non-fiction and SF related material produced over the course of 2011. Also, though the Aurora nomination period closes EoD March 31st, if you haven’t already filed your preliminary nominations you are welcome to consider my Future Lovecraft story as one of your nominations. You can read “Rubedo, an Alchemy of Madness” for free here.

No matter what you’re voting for, you can send in your votes – or register if you haven’t already – from the Aurora Membership Registration/Nomination/Voting Login page.

I’ll be posting more updates when I have them.

Night all.

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