Sales and Itineraries

Well, apparently I can sell poetry, too.

I say this having just sold a piece to Illumen. “Celestial Tides” will appear in their Autumn (October) 2012 issue.

Go figure, right?

In any case, I’ve added the sale to the Bibliography page. Though right now it’s listed in with the Fiction because I haven’t decided how I want to break up and reorganize the sections yet.

Also, I’m going to be at Ad Astra this weekend. If anyone reading the blog is going, I’ll see you there. I’m not on any panels this year, but I’ll be helping out with ChiZine‘s  Spec Fic Colloquium table, so if you’re there, drop by. And if you haven’t already registered for the Colloquium you absolutely should. I don’t believe the official Guest List has been announced yet, but I’ve seen it, and you’re going to want to come for this year’s lineup.

And I do have one other announcement to make, but I can’t talk about it until it becomes official, so I’ll be blogging about it once I get back from the Con.

Regularly scheduled blogging will resume Sunday (or later).

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