They Review Reviews, Too …

A touch odd to say, but there’s a nice review of the review I did for Kaaron Warren’s Slights over on this week’s Angry Robot Round-Up. Specifically, Darren Turpin, who pulls together the AR Round-Up among his other work for AR (he is AR’s Marketing and Digital Manager after all … ), had this to say about the review:

One from the AR Archive: there’s a rather excellent review of Kaaron Warren‘s Slights – one of the very first books that Angry Robot ever published – by Michael Matheson, over at Michael said: “I’ve yet to see a review do proper justice to what truly fuels the dark heart of Slights; what powers the midnight core of what is one of the most sickening, engrossing, brutally honest character and social studies published in the past several years.” and then proceeds to provide just that.

Had a nice note from Kaaron Warren, too, not long after the review went up, which was a delightful, and thoroughly unexpected, gift. In any case, if you haven’t read Slights yet you should absolutely do that.

And if you haven’t read my review of the book yet you should do that too. While I’m, admittedly, somewhat biased, I think it’s one of the better ones I’ve done.

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