More Happens Around Here Than You’d Think

I’m not generally much of one for marking anniversaries.

Well, my own, in any case. I’m quite happy to celebrate the special occasions of others.

But, I note that a year ago yesterday I sold my first short story. Though it hasn’t actually yet seen print – it’s “Rebirth”, coming out in the June issue of Aoife’s Kiss – it will soon, and it’s been quite a good year for me in terms of fiction, and writing, and writing related awesomeness overall. So, I thought it might be interesting to do a rundown of what’s happened in the last 12 months since I started selling fiction:

Sold eight stories, six of which were sold at semi-pro rates.

Had many different versions of “send more” rejections from the publications to which I’ve submitted, but haven’t sold fiction yet. And some extremely generous rejection letters in a few places as well.

Participated in my first book launch, for Future Lovecraft, along with Helen Marshall and Ada Hoffmann (who are exceedingly fun people to sit and chat/banter/read with, by the way). Among the things I learned from that launch are that “Rubedo, an Alchemy of Madness” is not a piece that lends itself to being read aloud, that I very much enjoy signing books and talking to the people for whom I’m signing, and that I look forward to being able to participate in more of them (I am, despite appearances, an eternal optimist).

Sold a poem. Oddly enough, of the two I had pinging back and forth, I thought the other would sell first (if this one sold at all). Go figure.

Started working as a Submissions Editor with Apex.

Put out two issues of Sol RisingAnd got nominated for the Aurora Award for my work as editor on same. Also instituted advertising in the newsmagazine (which is what the Aurora committee dubbed Sol Rising, so I’m going to run with that title), and introduced a colour version in the online edition.

Began reviewing books for Innsmouth Free Press, ChiZine, and the Globe and Mail, in that order.

Gave a lecture at the 2011 ACCSFF. And no one ran screaming from the room, nor collapsed, bleeding from the ears. Which, I think, definitely counts as a win. The loud and seemingly genuine applause at the close didn’t hurt either.

Started a fiction contest, which, if you don’t count the PayPal service charges, broke even in its first year (if you do count the PayPal service charges then we were eleven dollars and change in the hole).

Started a record of Canadian fiction published in the year 2011 (which still has some holes in it in a few sections). Which I will be updating further going forward, picking that up again (slowly) once the next issue of  Sol Rising is released. Also going to give that list its own website, and continue doing this for 2012 on once I get back to it.

There are other things that have been happening, and other things still forthcoming that I could talk about, but the above represents the bulk of the things from the last 12 months. I suppose I could, technically, have mentioned all the technical editing, but that’s not something that I think really fits in with the above, not least of all because I’d much rather be doing freelance manuscript editing, and the technical editing eats up much of the time I would like to be using to get back into doing manuscript editing.

It’s a vicious circle. But one I hope to be able to amend in the near future.

In any case, other things will continue to burgeon, and I’ll be talking about them later on. Hell, I’d talk about them now, but I’m not always comfortable talking about things that are still in the works. Nor am I entirely certain that some conversations should be shared while things are unfinished.

However, this does not mean I will refrain from ranting about them at length somewhere down the line :)

If I’ve forgotten anything, forgive me. Or give me a heads up. You know, whatever …

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