New Sale (Pro Rate!)

Well I’ve finally gone and cracked into a pro rate market. Took a fair bit of trying, and the right story, and all the other right factors to come together, as is true for every sale. And now, as a result of that sale, I am in fact going to have a story appearing in a pro-rate paying market.

Specifically, I’ve sold a piece of mine called “Per Una Selva Oscura” to One Buck Horror! which is an online anthology series specializing in the kind of short, sharp tales that linger with one long after the telling is done. And it’s run by some awfully nice people so I’m delighted that that story found a home with them.

“Per Una Selva Oscura” is tentatively scheduled for release in the June 2012 release of One Buck Horror! Volume 5. And I have listed the pending publication as such on the Biblio. (Fic) page.

Now let us all go dance, get drunk, and celebrate.

For tomorrow we begin again :)

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3 Responses to New Sale (Pro Rate!)

  1. Ada Hoffmann says:

    Congrats, Michael! One Buck Horror was my first pro-rate sale as well. (I now have 3, but none that qualify for SFWA, alas…)

    • I definitely feel I’m in good company with this sale, what with your work, and that of Kristine Ong Muslim among others, published in OBH :)

      Actually, I didn’t know that Jenny’s House was your first pro-rate sale. A good way to start that set though. And as for the SFWA … not that many markets that *do* let one qualify. You, for sure though, are going to hit at least some of them :)

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