Creature Feature Style Storytelling – Sort Of

So I have another sale to announce.

First, let me say this: mwahahahahahaha.

Second: This whole regularly selling fiction thing? Highly enjoyable.

I’ve sold “Against a Sea of Brilliant White” to Scott David Aniolowski’s Mark of the Beast anthology. Don’t have a release date on that one yet (could be 2012, could be 2013, we’ll see). But there is a spiffy post and a full ToC up at this link.

I’ll be sharing ToC space with some people I’ve shared ToC space with before, though not all of them in the same venue at the same time before. And there looks to be quite an excellent amount of variety to the anthology given the finalized contents Aniolowski has shared. He also outlined a number of things about the anthology – and the process of crafting it for those interested in seeing how that works (speaking to which, if you’re looking for even more information on the editorial process, read the last few posts on his blog as well) – in the post I’ve linked to above, so it’s well worth reading. And saves me the trouble of covering it here :p

In other news, the song “Hooray for Hollywood” is stuck in my head. I am not entirely sure that this is related.

That is all.

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