It’s a Party!

I keep forgetting to cross-post this:

On July11th, the Chiaroscuro Reading Series will be hosting an event for the winners and finalists of the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest. All of the local talent from that list (Sarah Ennals, James Bambury, Suzanne Church, Claire Humphrey, and Kari Maaren) will be there, and all will be doing readings. Many of the judges (myself, Leah Bobet, Sandra Kasturi, Mike Kelly and Chris Szego) will be there – potentially all of us if scheduling allows. And some of us will be doing (slightly shorter) readings as well.

Mike Bryant is also coming out for the occasion and Kari will be performing at least one musical interlude (which if you’ve never witnessed, is absolutely worth coming out for).

There is a Facebook events page for the event which has specific information, including the time and location (which, I suppose you might technically need to know if you plan to come out for this … ).

If you’re in Toronto on the 11th, or feel like coming in for the evening, swing by. It promises to be a fun time for all concerned :)

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