“Rebirth” Out in the June Issue of Aoife’s Kiss

My contributor’s copies of the June 2012 edition of Aoife’s Kiss showed up in the mail today, and I can now confirm that my novelette “Rebirth” has been published in the June 2012 (11th anniversary issue) of Aoife’s Kiss.

“Rebirth” is … how shall I put this? It’s an odd artifact to be looking at now, in the light of my recent work. “Rebirth” was written back in 2008, and it shows. I know I could have done this piece tighter, and better, now. It’s also unusual as part of my oeuvre because I was consciously trying to write a Lovecraftian piece that both paid homage to, and poked fun at, the Mythos work of Clark Ashton-Smith and Robert E. Howard. I still like this piece for what it does, but I have to wonder what it would have been had I tried it now.

In any case, the story is now available. And, more interestingly, though this was not the first of my sold work to hit print, this was actually my first story sale.

Go figure.

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