Minor Updates, a Critical Non-Fiction Publication, and New Story Availability

A couple of quick announcements to be had:

As of yesterday, “Writer’s Craft #81: Grounding Fictional Cultures” is up at the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Workshop Writer’s Craft Blog. The Writer’s Craft blog is intended to foment discussion, so if there’s something you want to say (agree, disagree, offer personal context or experience to help others) after reading that piece, feel free :)

On another note, it is entirely possible that the first of my three linked stories that sold to Stupefying Stories, “The Thundering Dragon of Heaven”, will be available as soon as August. As the three stories were intended to run back-to-back-to-back over three consecutive months, this means the entire run could still be finished within the year. I think that would be ideal, and when I have more concrete information, I’ll share that.

And, lastly, the Prime Books re-release of Future Lovecraft will be available come August. This version is set to have a larger distribution, so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of reviews, and/or attention the anthology garners this time round. It certainly deserved more than it got for its original release, given all the work Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles put into it.

Incidentally, for all those who are not already aware, Silvia is editing a new anthology called Dead North. And as with all anthologies there have been some … problematic … submissions, which has led Silvia to post some rather interesting procedural updates here and here. You should read them if you have a chance; they’re hilarious. Well, maybe moreso for me because of the work I do as a submissions editor with Apex, so I know exactly where Silvia is coming from :)

There will be longer posts coming down the road (hopefully shortly), but I’m right in the middle of several projects, so I’m just not up for a longer post at the moment.

See you all again in a few days.

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