Readercon’s Concom Issues Public Statement

For those not already aware, the Readercon Convention Committee has now issued a lengthy public statement containing an apology to both Genevieve Valentine and Kate Kligman, as well as a more general apology to the Readercon community.

The concom has also listed a statement of actions taken. This includes reversing the board’s decision re René Walling, instead making his ban permanent, and applying it to all levels of attendance or interaction with the convention (membership, dealer or dealer’s assistant, volunteering, etc.). The statement also makes official the rumoured resignation of all the current board members, and proposes a list of commitments to future actions relating to harassment and ways in which the concom intends to address these issues going forward.

The concom has also offered membership refunds or transfers to all those who still feel they do not wish to attend, and is attempting to encourage those who wish to make the con better to do so by offering an open invitation to join Readercon’s various committee levels.

The public statement finishes with a statement of responsibility and intent, and a thank you to those who have helped keep Readercon accountable, and honest. And especially those who have been brave enough to raise their voices in defence of others.

This is a most satisfactory outcome, I think. It is well worth reading the full statement to see just how far Readercon’s concom has gone to redress what has happened.

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