Oh, and Also the Aurora Awards …

It speaks to the kind of state I’m in that I completely forgot to mention in that last update that I was up for an Aurora Award in the Best Fan Publication category for editing Sol Rising (temporary link – it’ll disappear when the next year’s nomination cycle starts). Which, admittedly, probably looks odd when you consider that Sol Rising isn’t actually a fan publication, or a fanzine – it’s the newsletter (the Aurora Committee was nice enough to call us a “news magazine”) of a Library Friends group – but it all pans out in the end since the category isn’t actually about “fans”, but refers, instead, to work done on either a volunteer basis, or work done without expectation of remuneration. The category is actually fairly flexible.

In any case, I didn’t win. The list of winners is up on the home page of the Aurora website for now (this will also be removed once next year’s nominations begin), and, even without winning, I can go forward claiming (honestly) that I’m an award-nominated editor. Or I can say an Aurora-Award-nominated editor. Whatever strikes my fancy at the time, really. It’s not the kind of thing I’m going to start tossing into a bio. I don’t feel like bragging, or showing off. I just like the fact that people thought the work was worthy of a nomination in the Canadian speculative fiction awards.

That’s pretty damn cool.

Granted, I may eventually start putting something about the nomination into a bio if it’s called for, but I’d really rather wait until I win an award for something (writing, editing, whatever) before putting award notations into a bio.

Despite all appearances, I’m an optimist :)

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