Today Is a Day of Much News

No, really. News on several fronts.

Fair warning though: I haven’t exactly had a whole hell of a lot of sleep in the last 48 hours or so, so if some of this post doesn’t make sense, I trust you’ll just go with me on it, right? [Edit: Seriously, I’ve already found eight or nine eleven things to fix just skimming this post. Ugh … ]


First up is the news that the first of my three linked stories in the “Dragons of Heaven and Earth” sequence (which actually ties into something much larger, but that’s a conversation for another time … ), “The Thundering Dragon of Heaven”, is the lead story of the new volume of Stupefying Stories. Volume 1.7, in which the story appears, is being hailed as the pirates and dragons issue. Works for me, since my story has dragons (no, not the way you’re thinking), steampunk airships, and quite a lot more in a second-world fantasy setting utilizing aspects of Chinese mythology.

Below are two versions of the cover. The first is the final version, the other is the clean copy. The artwork was created by Aaron Bradford Starr, whose own fiction has appeared in several volumes of Stupefying Stories.

The volume looks to have an excellent lineup of stories, and it should be available to purchase shortly (Later today? Tomorrow?). You can follow the links on Stupefying Stories’ front page to purchase a copy from whatever vendor best suits you. Now, Stupefying Stories is released in an electronics-only format, so you will need to pick up a copy online –  sorry, these stories won’t be in print in the immediate future, though the “something much larger” these stories tie into may change that … Oh, damn, was that a hint of a spoiler that slipped out? :D

In any case, the volumes are incredibly inexpensive – they clock in at $1.99 – which will work out well in the long run because I fully expect everyone to pick up the volumes in which all three stories appear. Of course, I expect you’ll want to pick up all the earlier volumes as well once you get your hands on one of these :)

And now on to the second piece of news!

I have since the early part of this year been maintaining a list of Canadian speculative fiction and non-fiction published in 2011 in order to provide nominating options for the 2012 Aurora Awards (also as a repository of this information). Well, technically this thing was in the works at the end of last year, but, whatever.

You may, perhaps, have heard me speak of this list a time or two?

In any case, I was running that list on the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest website, mostly because that’s where there was space for it and the FoMSSC site had far more visibility than this site and I wanted to make sure people could find and use the list. Now that I’m compiling the list of relevant material published in 2012 I’ve decided it’s time to move the original list, and everything else I’m doing around it, onto its own website. So, you can now find the Can Spec Fic List, or CSFL, (yes, I renamed the list while I was doing everything else … ) on

I’m still putting the site together, but the full 2011 listing is available to use, and I’ve left a redirect up on the FoMSSC site so that anyone who had linked to the original location of the list doesn’t have to dig around and change any past archived links :)

Well, my day isn’t done yet (still a number of things to do because I collapse), but that’s all the current news that’s fit to print, so I’m out for now. Night all.

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