Couple of New Things

Just popping in to say that there are a couple of new things afoot.

The first is my review (over at of the first volume of Eric Orchard’s delightful Marrowbones. If you like the review and/or this sounds like the kind of thing you’d like to get your hands on you can pick up a copy of the first two issues (why stop at one?) from the front page of Eric’s site.

Second, is that since the 2012-2013 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest is opening up to entries on November 15th, I’ve put up (on the contest website) a quick breakdown of the coming year’s guidelines, and some info on the current spread of prizes. I’m taking some time to update the whole website over the next couple of days, since a fair number of things need to be changed to represent the current contest year and all the amendments we’ve made to rules and prize structure going forward.

And in case you were wondering, the entire Full Judges Panel is returning for the coming contest year, which includes Leah Bobet, Sandra Kasturi, Michael Kelly, Chris Szego, and myself.

We’ve expanded the prize basis and are offering a pretty spiffy prize to all of the finalists, and we’re also lucky enough to be able to offer a very special addition to the first place prize this year. I suppose I could talk a little bit about it here, but I’d much rather have you click on the link to the quick breakdown above so the contest site can get some more traffic :p

Trust me it’s cool. And I’m pulling a bit of a tease on the contest website too while we build up to the full announcement on that special prize, so I’m pretty much playing hard to get everywhere :)

Well, that’s everything for now. I’m out. Later all.

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