Exhaustion … It’s What’s for Dinner

I will not post at length here because I have just finished posting something over at the CSFL (Can Spec Fic List) site, wherein I attempt to be funny (it’s a work in progress), and talk about attending things.

For those of you unwilling to click on the link above (and shame on you, I dashed off worked hard on that post), let me simply state that I will be attending both World Fantasy 2012, and SFContario 3 this year, one of which is in Toronto, and the other of which claims to be in Toronto (but isn’t really). I will be a panelist at SFContario (no, really), though I don’t yet have a schedule to post up for that.

I will also be at ChiZine’s SpecFic Colloquium on October 28th. If you’re able to come you absolutely should. It’s a day of lectures from some terribly intelligent people, headlined by none other than Robert Shearman. I’ve been to every Spec Fic Colloquium since they started holding them and I’ve yet to be disappointed (and don’t expect to be any time soon). I understand there are still tickets available, but they’ll go fast, so if you want to come you should purchase your ticket(s) ASAP.

I will have more information on things upcoming, and my panelist schedule for SFContario 3 once I have it to share.

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