So Busy

Oh my fucking god it’s busy here …

You wouldn’t know it from the silence on the blog, but that certainly speaks to the fact that things other than posting on the blog are going on, so … maybe you would.

In any case, amid all the behind the scenes doing of things, some things are happening in the foreground, like my posting about new updates to the 2012-2013 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest. Well, one big update really. That tease I tossed everyone’s way a few days (or whatever it was) ago? You know the one: the first place prize had two parts, one a monetary prize, and the other a critique/assessment of the winning story from a Canadian author and editor of awesome standing. Yeah, that one. Finally got to announce who that luminary is.

And who is it you ask?

Oh, that would be Julie Czerneda.

Yes, that Julie Czerneda.

If you want to read the post announcing the fact that Julie Czerneda is participating in the 2012-2013 FoMSSC, you can read the announcement here.

You may also want to read that post because I highlight, in a brief, paragraph-long overview, the kind of stories we want to see for the coming contest. We’ll be covering that in greater detail between now and the opening of the reading period (come November 15th), but I thought it made sense to give people a feeling for what we’re looking for now.

Also, the 2012 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium is happening on Sunday. There were about two tickets left earlier today, so if you wanted to come and haven’t bought your ticket(s) yet, do it now! See all those of you coming to the event on Sunday.

And on that note, good night to all. I still have more to do and this night isn’t getting any younger.

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