Our Author Will Now Strike A Contemplative Pose …

Beverly Bambury, a friend of mine who among other things manages marketing and publicity for ChiZine Publications, has been running a series of guest blog posts (on her own blog) about critics and criticism, and the distance between critics and content creators, in the 21st century. That series began with this post (her own), and has since featured several guest blogs (you can find everything under the 21st century criticism tag on Beverly’s blog here). That list of guest blogs now includes my own ramblings, which Beverly was generous enough to refer to as an essay, “Nothing Happens in Isolation: Content Creators, Content Users, and the Role of the Internet“.

What I talk about in that guest blog is the barest tip of the iceberg of a much larger conversation about the role of the internet as a content delivery system and the way it connects, and distances, content creators and their audience (some of whom are going to be assessing that content work in a critical capacity). I’m making a largely generalized argument, it’s true, but I think it’s a good starting point for fomenting discussion, so feel free to go and add your own voice to the discussion on Beverly’s blog.

And, hey, keep it civil, ’cause you’re playing in someone else’s intellectual sandbox :)

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