An Update on One Buck Horror Vol. 6

Good morning all.

And how often do I get to say that, night owl that I am?

Well, okay, technically, I haven’t been to sleep yet, but …

You know what? Fuck it. It’s light outside again. It’s morning.

So, Chris Hawkins of One Buck Horror has posted an update to the release schedule for One Buck Horror Vol. 6, which contains my story, “Per Una Selva Oscura”. Vol 6 will be out (in electronic form only, but also for only .99 cents – hint, hint) on March 11th.

And speaking of “Per Una Selva Oscura”, there’s also a larger discussion I want to have around this piece once it releases. Said discussion will involve a couple of things, including another forthcoming piece of mine, a not-quite companion piece to “Per Una Selva Oscura” called “Weary, Bone Deep” (which will be in Michael Kelly‘s Chilling Tales 2 anthology releasing in October through EDGE Books). The discussion will also veer into some of the things done (and done extremely well) in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries given where they are in their story arc.

Why the combination of these things? Because “Per Una Selva Oscura” and “Weary, Bone Deep” are both forms of (different) abuse narratives. I spend a fair amount of time writing about abuse, in its various forms, actually, so that’s not surprising. But I intend to have a discussion about the effective (and realistically depicted) use of abuse narratives in fiction as it occurs in different media.

I may also veer into discussing things like Caitlin Sweet‘s extraordinary novel The Pattern Scars, which isn’t actually an abuse narrative, though it does address, among other things, dominance and subjugation dynamics, and so falls under the purview of this discussion. We’ll see how much ground I feel like covering once “Per Una Selva Oscura” releases and I actually write that blog post.

Anyway, the point is that that is coming.

Yes, I am now officially engaging in blog post foreshadowing. It’s totally a thing now – didn’t you get the memo?

I would launch into the topic now, but I’ve got the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest to wrap up over the next couple of weeks (incidentally, the contest is still open to entries until the end of the day, midnight, UTC-5, February 15th – see what I did there?), as well as other things to do that demand my attention. So, it’s later on down the road for that discussion, when there is time to be had to speak about it at proper length.

For now, enjoy Half-price Chocolate Day!

I’m the very best kind of enabler …

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