Still Breathing

It’s been about ten days since I blogged last, so I thought I should check in and let everyone know that, yes, I’m still here.

Contrary to the apparent dearth of things going on around here, if you were to judge solely by the state of the blog, I’m actually extremely busy. Which is why the blog looks empty. Oh, look, a vicious circle!


But, you know, not actually …

Anyway, I’ve basically been reworking (on and off) a submission for a market, looking into and putting together some grants-related material for an organization I work with, reading through submissions for Apex, the Glitter & Mayhem anthology (yes, I’m one of the slush readers for the open call portion of the anthology), and the entries in the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest. All of this in addition to everything else I ordinarily do.

So, I’m just a little bit busy at the moment. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t share interesting things with you when I come across them :)

To wit: a friend of mine, Madeline Ashby, along with Marie Bilodeau and Nina Munteanu, was the subject of an article in today’s The Globe and Mail. Madeline blogged about it, and you can find the full article (Deirdre Kelly’s “Authors Push Science Beyond the Lab into Fiction and Fantasy”) here. It’s an interesting article and you should have a look.

Granted, I assume that any time I post something on this website you all rush out and read it. But, hey, just in case I’m wrong on that particular point, let me ever so gently shove you in the general direction of that article.

Though I’m not sure how active I’ll be on the blog in the next couple of weeks (not that I don’t want to be, I’m just being realistic about the constraints on my time) I’ll drop in and post whatever catches my eye even if I can’t do some full-on blogging (god, that sounds dirty) over the next little while.

Later all.

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