The Masked Mosaic Anthology is Officially Released

So, more to blog about a mere two days after the last post.

Look upon this post, ye regularly prolific bloggers, and despair!

So, anywayClaude Lalumière and Camille Alexa‘s Masked Mosaic anthology (released through Tyche Books) is now, officially, out and available to purchase (also through Kobo, or through Amazon, should those be your preferred outlets). This is significant for a couple of different reasons:

First, because the anthology boasts a strong list of Canadian authors in its pages, including A.C. Wise, David Nickle, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Marie Bilodeau, Alyxandra Harvey, and Jason Ridler, just to name a few.

Second, because the anthology contains my story, “The Many Lives of the Xun Long.”

Technically, my story is more focused on family dynamics and the changing role of hero figures in shifting cultural and social landscapes than on derring-do, per se. But I’d like to think it acquits itself rather well alongside its more rambunctious cousins in the anthology. And it’s an anthology edited by Claude Lalumière and Camille Alexa, two very savvy writers (and editors), so you know that no story in the anthology is going to be one-dimensional :)

Also, there are a slew of launch events coming, spread across the country, and you can find out more about some of the ones coming up in March here (there are more planned through May). That link also mentions the upcoming blogs Claude and Camille have put together to tie into the anthology’s release. Over the next 24 days there will be 24 [48] blog posts talking about each story in the anthology, discussing some editorial insights and at the same time introducing you to the work of all the writers involved. Since these blog posts will follow the order of the stories as they appear in the anthology the entry covering my own work will show up second to last.

Well, that should be enough to get you started. Go pick up your copy of the anthology, help support Canadian fiction, and enjoy the great roll out of proverbial extras planned around the release.

Night all.

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2 Responses to The Masked Mosaic Anthology is Officially Released

  1. Michael: Actually, there’ll be 48 posts about the stories, 2 per day; Camille and I are posting separately about each story.

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