One Buck Horror Volume 6 Is Now Available

One Buck Horror Vol. 6, containing my story “Per Una Selva Oscura” is now officially released! Copies of the anthology – containing six stories from writers like Alex Shvartsman and Jamie Lackey, among others – are available for purchase at $0.99, in electronic form only. As of writing this post only the kindle edition is available, but other formats should be available sometime today or tomorrow.

I’m inordinately fond of this story, and speaking to what I said in the last post about having the stories I want to tell published versus the stories other people would like told, “Per Una Selva Oscura” is very much the kind of story I want to tell.

Or, more accurately, it’s the kind of story I feel compelled to tell. Which actually segues nicely into advising everyone that this story comes with a trigger warning.

If you know me, follow along with the blog, or have read some of my previously published work, you’re probably familiar with the themes I talk about in my fiction. And as I said even further back I frequently write about abuse, in its various forms. I write horror, and abuse, in its many manifestations, is very much a real world horror. Of course, I don’t see the world from a realist context, and my work reflects that, but what lies at the heart of much of my fiction is an exploration of human interaction, generally drilled down in narrow focus.

Sometimes, as with my story in Masked Mosaic (“The Many Lives of the Xun Long”) I’m exploring healthy family dynamics. But far more often I’m exploring the lives of damaged or abused people, and unhealthy and/or abusive relationships (“Rubedo, An Alchemy of Madness” in Future Lovecraft, “Hungry Ghosts” forthcoming in Dead North, and “Weary, Bone Deep” forthcoming in Chilling Tales 2).

Ultimately, I’m much more interested in telling stories about broken people. I know that world. I know those shadows and the people who live, utterly lost, inside them; the people swallowed whole by the things that live in that darkness, all too many of those monsters clothed in human skin.

Related to all of this, I still intend to do the longer post I wanted to on abuse narratives, and why they’re important, tying in some other things I want to bring into the discussion. And I will, but not today.

Soon though. Soon …

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