More Masked Mosaic Goodness

Just a quick note tonight while I attend to other things that need to get done (with more in-depth posts coming up down the road):

For the last several weeks the co-editors of Masked MosaicClaude Lalumière and Camille Alexa, have been talking, in brief, about the 24 individual stories that comprise the anthology’s content. Claude and Camille’s blogging has provided both an insight into their editorial process and into the stories themselves, and today my own story, “The Many Lives of the Xun Long,” is featured on the Tyche Books Masked Mosaic blog. I have reposted both notes below:

The trope of the legacy hero in superhero fiction – that is, when the mantle of a superhero identity is passed from one generation to another – dates from the earliest days of the genre, predating even Superman. The first legacy character was one of the very first superheroes: Lee Falk’s The Phantom, who debuted in an eponymous newspaper strip in 1936, immediately establishing that the role of The Phantom had been passed from father to son for centuries. Michael Matheson’s contemplative “The Many Lives of the Xun Long” is firmly set within that tradition … and within Toronto’s Chinese community. ~Claude

We loved Michael Matheson’s “The Many Lives of the Xun Long” for its sweet inter-generational family dynamics. Super fiction has a long tradition of the familial heroic legacy (or for that matter, the villainous one), but for some reason we didn’t get many stories with that approach. Here, the trope is employed alongside the touching and complex characterization of all three main characters, all three generations living (or “living”) under the same roof. A beautifully complex but straightforward story with no “on-screen” villainy but a whole truckload of quiet heroism in the most genuine sense. ~Camille

The anthology boasts a fair range of diverse works, exploring multiple aspects of Canadian culture, history, and identity, and Claude and Camille’s notes provide a fascinating window onto the other stories in the book for those who don’t yet have their copies. Speaking to which: you can readily amend that situation by purchasing a copy through the following page on the Tyche website:

And if you’re interested in looking at the entire set of editors’ notes Claude and Camille pulled together for the other stories (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can find all of them on this page:

The last story yet to be covered in the editors’ notes is Jason Ridler’s anchor story, “Revenge of the Iron Shadow,” and Claude and Camille’s thoughts on Jason’s story will be featured on the Tyche website tomorrow (March 22, 2013).

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