The Winners of the 2012-2013 FoMSSC and Ad Astra Panelling

So, first things first: The winners of the 2012-2013 Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest have been declared, and there is much general (and also, really, some specific) rejoicing. Also, I have made mention in that post of some of the plans already in the works for changes to next year’s (2014) contest.

Second, I will be at Ad Astra again this year, and will also be engaged in some panelling. Specifically, my panel schedule is as follows:

Friday, April 5 – 9 pm – “Hook: Reeling in Your Reader” (Franklin). Bob Boyczuk (M), Suzanne Church, Me, Max Turner, Gregory A Wilson.

Friday, April 5 – 10 pm – “Psychological Horror” (Arctic). Me (M), Rio Yours. Bob Knowlton will also be participating on this panel, though you will not find him listed in the program. There *may* also be another panelist added before things begin (probably won’t know until the con begins).

Saturday, April 6 – 1 pm – “Defining Horror” (Berczy A). Suzanne Church (M), Me, Matt Moore, Rio Youers.

Though I have chosen to panel largely on horror-related topics, Ad Astra has quite a wide purview in terms of content, ranging across multiple fandoms. This year’s Guests of Honour are Jim Butcher, Stephen Hunt, Ben Bova, and Scott Caple. If you’re interested in attending the con you’ll have to register at the door (online pre-registration is closed), and Ad Astra 2013 runs from Friday, April 5 – Sunday, April 7.

You can see an in-depth breakdown of the individual panel descriptions and the program grid at the pages I’ve linked to. And here you can see a list of all the attending panelists. I’m not entirely sure that that list is complete, but it should list most of the people in attendance this year, if not everyone.

So, if you’re stopping by Ad Astra this year I’ll see you there.

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