Masked Mosaic, Google Hangouts, and a Phantom Moose

So, I don’t know what your day involved (though I hope it was good and that fun things happened for you), but my day involved participating in this:

What is that, you ask? Why that was a Google Hangout put together by Tyche Books for the Masked Mosaic anthology. Margaret Curelas (publisher of Tyche Books), editors Claude Lalumière & Camille Alexa, and contributors Mark Shainblum, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, and myself, all got together and talked for an hour or so about the anthology, the editing process, the generation of stories involved in it, and some other related topics.

There were also some persistent phantom bovine (possibly moose) calls sounding off throughout the video, and some other less identifiable sounds. So, really, this was both a highly enjoyable and an undeniably odd experience. Trust me, it makes great viewing all round :)

Also? I only managed to get disconnected once! I’m calling that a win.

Enjoy the video.

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