A Morning Roundup … of Sorts

Well, it’s still morning, so that title sort of works. I guess.

Oh, speaking to which: That last post probably looked a little weird if you were comparing the date of its posting and the date for the launch event for Masked Mosaic I talked about in the post. That’s because I tend to write/post these updates from one night into the next morning. So, when I say something like “tomorrow,” what I usually mean is “later today though I don’t realize I mean today because in my head we’re still having yesterday.”

And in keeping with that tradition of not posting things to this blog in any way that makes sense in terms of timeliness, neither of the things posted below are from today either (consistency, if not timeliness shall reign here, thank you very much), though they’re both worth having a look at anyway:

Little Witch Academia got highlighted over at i09.com on Sunday, and I’ve been meaning to post a link to it since then. This is one of the best one-off anime shorts I’ve ever seen: The production values are at the level of a feature-length OVA or a full series, and the writing is excellent. To borrow some text from the article, to give you some context:

Little Witch Academia was produced by Trigger, a young anime studio co-founded by Dead LeavesGurren Lagann, and Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt director Hiroyuki Imaishi. This particular short film was directed by Yoh Yoshinari and written by Masahiko Otsuka as part of the Japanese Animation Creators Association’s Young Animator Training Project.

The video is about 26 minutes of wonderful, and you owe it to yourself to have a look.

The other thing I want to highlight is this article over at Apex (the book company side today) talking about the Glitter & Mayhem Anthology Open Submissions. Michael Damian Thomas talks about the process for putting the anthology together under pressure, and provides some insight into editorial considerations for an anthology like this, as well as tossing out some numbers.

And, as usual, Michael has also given out some excellent writing advice. Today, it comes in the form of this line:

Editor tip to writers working on pieces for an anthology – Think of the most obvious stories for the theme, and don’t write them. Your story needs to stand out.

It’s fairly straight forward advice, but it holds true for writing for any market, and is well worth remembering.

Oh, and I might get a … mention … in the article.

Also, there’s a link to the full Table of Contents from that article. Or, I guess you could just go here to find it, too.

All right. As usual I’ve got things that need doing, and time doesn’t yet seem to be travelling backward, so I’m going to go attend to things before the day starts getting away from me. Enjoy the day, everyone.

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