CSFL Nominated for a 2013 Aurora Award

This is a longer post in the offing (which, if I wasn’t in the middle of umpteen different things right now I would sit down and write), but for now let me just point you in the direction of this post: http://canspecfic.com/2013/04/27/achievement-unlocked-the-2013-aurora-award-nominations-list-is-live/ (up on the CSFL – a website that I run), which is in relation to the full 2013 Aurora Award nomination list going up today.

A short breakdown (without all the attendant “yay”) looks like this: Basically, I’m shortlisted in one particular category of an award for doing … well, stuff. I have been nominated previously for the same award, albeit in a different category. I have enjoyed it both times. The list of fellow nominees, across all the categories, is excellent. And you should totally go look at either of the above links for a fuller account of what the hell I’m talking about because I really have to be getting back to doing other things now.


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