It’s the Great May Link Roundup Post, Charlie Brown

So, we’re having May. (You may have noticed.) And there’s a bunch of things going on that relate to writers, submissions windows, and just some great advice in general kicking around the internet. Many of these are worth sharing. And so, in keeping with the spirit of Spring’s arrival (finally) in Toronto, and the attendant practice of chucking the old and ushering in the new, I give you the Great May Link Roundup Post:

Open Calls for Writers:

The unthemed horror anthology Fearful Symmetries, out of ChiZine Publications and edited by Ellen Datlow, is open to submissions of up to 10k (with a strong preference for <7.5k). Original, previously unpublished fiction only. Payment is 7 cents/word. Submissions period is open until May 31, 2013.

Postscripts to Darkness, an Ottawa-based anthology series edited by Sean Moreland and Alaya Ahmad, is currently reading for Volume 5. Submissions of up to 3.5k will be considered. Original, previously unpublished fiction only. Payment is a flat rate of $25.00 per story and 1 electronic contributor’s copy. Submissions period for this volume is open until June 30th, 2013.

The political SF anthology Strange Bedfellows, out of Bundoran Press and edited by Hayden Trenholm, is open to submissions of 2k-7.5k words (with a preference for 4k-6k). Original, previously unpublished fiction only. Payment is 5.5 cents/word and 1 contributor’s copy. Submissions period is open until September 30th, 2013.

Workshops and Fundraisers:

Via Silvia Moreno-Garcia: “I’m trying to raise cash to finish my novel, Young Blood. It’s a YA about Mexican vampires. And narcos. And stuff. Go here to back it: Young Blood.” Silvia is an extraordinarily talented writer and editor. From experience, any project she’s involved in is well worth investing in. Also worth mentioning that Silvia’s first short fiction collection, This Strange Way of Dying, is coming out in June from Exile Editions (trust me, you want a copy).

The Chiaroscuro Workshop and Reading Series is hosting a workshop titled “Attention & The Lazy Brain,” run by Heather Spears, who is in Toronto all the way from Copenhagen! The event is scheduled for May 25th, 2013 at Bakka Phoenix Books. The workshop is for writers, illustrators, those can draw, and those who think they can’t. Attendants receive a copy of Heather’s most recent chapbook as well as a special discount coupon for books at Bakka Phoenix. And because it’s Bakka there are drinks & snacks on hand. Seating is extremely limited, so if you want in on this workshop register sooner than later. More information can be found, and tickets purchased, at this link:

Good Advice, Recommendations, And So On:

As part of Kari Sperring‘s #Womentoread initiative, Nina Allan has put up a list of 101 writers whose work you should be reading.

A.C. Wise has also been contributing to the conversation about #Womentoread with two posts on her blog: “Women to Read: Where to Start,” and “Women to Read: Where to Start Part 2.”

Kameron Hurley blogged recently about “Cutting Down on Internet Noise (and Delivering Greater Signal),” which is advice we should all probably listen to more often.

There’s a really excellent post by Lynne Barrett, on editing and all sides of the submissions process, over at the review review, titled “What Editors Want; A Must-Read for Writers Submitting to Literary Magazines.” For those more inclined toward speculative fiction, everything said here applies in our own corner of the literary world as well.

There’s significantly more going on (you know, obviously), but that’s all I’m highlighting for the moment.

Later all.

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