Further Signal Boosting

Because other things are going on that I forgot to talk about yesterday (and one new thing cropped up today):

More Open Calls for Writers:

The CZP/Rannu Fund for Writers of Speculative Literature is open to entries until May 31, 2013. The Rannu is a fee-based contest, allowing entries in both fiction and/or poetry ($10 entry fee for either fiction, or poetry; $15 entry fee for both). Original, previously unpublished fiction or poetry only. Prizes of $500 in each category (one for fiction, one for poetry), with two Honourable Mentions of $50 in each category as well. Differing guidelines for the two categories, so please see the link above for specific submissions information. Also worth noting that aside from excellent judges in general this year’s contest judges include Cory Doctorow and Neil Gaiman as tie-breaking judges (for fiction and poetry, respectively).

Long Hidden: Speculative Fictions from the Margins of History, an anthology edited by Rose Fox and Daniel José Older, is looking for work between 3k-7k. Original, previously unpublished fiction only. Payment is 5 cents/word. Submissions period is open until July 31, 2013. Long Hidden has a fairly broad set of eligible criteria for stories, but nonetheless has a very specific set of goals in mind. Read the submissions guidelines thoroughly before sending anything their way.


So, Carrie Cuinn is looking for some financial help owing to unexpected medical expenses. A number of different ways to offer support here, including reimbursing Carrie for free fiction she’s offering on her website. Have a look at her blog post, “Will Trade Words for Money,” and if you can help out please do. Also, if you’re not already familiar with Carrie’s fiction, then you’re in for a treat.

That’s everything for now. Though, as we’ve clearly seen, there are things going on that I should mention which I recall after having done these posts, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings, I guess.

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