The “No Hell, Just High Water” Post

So, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been obscenely busy. Which, oddly enough, suits me just fine, normally. And there were several things I wanted to talk about on here (you may have noticed the internet kept exploding … ) but couldn’t quite find the time to blog about things.

And then yesterday my (basement) apartment flooded.

Not exactly what I would have preferred to be dealing with yesterday, when I was looking to write about things like Wendy Davis and women’s rights to have control of their own bodies; why the SF&F community  still  can’t  have  nice  things (*cough*harassment*cough*) [Edit: Just saw Tansy Rayner Roberts’s roundup. Am linking.]; just how incredibly far up his ass Rod Rees’s head is; how amazing it is to watch Tammy Duckworth take down a contractor trying to game the system; or Bloomberg putting his foot in his mouth (again) over racial profiling in New York (the actual stats for which look like this).

Instead of getting to talk about all of those things at length, I spent most of yesterday doing the things you do after flooding. What happened was part and parcel of this flooding across Toronto. We, obviously, didn’t have it anywhere near as bad as Calgary. But the fact remains that there was flooding, and I got hit by it.

And now I am very tired, and still cleaning up my apartment, and seeing what that got destroyed is salvageable. And, for the record, because my apartment is composed of split tiers (old house, staggered design) I got very lucky in certain things: All of my books and my computer are fine, and this could have been so, so much worse. I trust you’ll forgive me, though, if I don’t go into a rundown of the contents of my apartment (if you have to ask why, you’re using the internet wrong) and what is or is not in good repair.

In the aftermath of all of this, I’m going to have to deal with a number of things. And at some point I really need to move (ongoing issues, problems like this cropping up, and other things I won’t go into). And, really, there is one thing I need from everybody right now:

I work as a freelance editor. This flooding is going to set me back in terms of time and funds (and as I just said I really need to move out of my current lodgings at some point in the not too distant future), so if anyone reading this needs freelance work done, or could spread the word, that would be fantastic as I really need to shore up my funding situation. Speaking to that:

I do freelance editing of fiction, non-fiction, critical or technical writing, and have done ad copy and other, related freelance work in the past, so I do pretty much everything. I charge low-end industry standard rates ($30-$40/hr depending on the job, discounting [within reason] for those who can’t afford those rates) for most things. I can provide references, some of which will come out of ChiZine Publications (where I work as a Marketing/Editorial Assistant), some of which might come from the Friends of the Merril Collection (I’ve been doing pro bono work for them since 2010), and wherever else I can pull them. You can get in touch with me at “”

While I don’t like asking people favours, and I’m intensely private, well … here we are. If you have anything you need done, or know anyone who does, let me know. I’ve got a couple of other things on the go, but I need the work, and I’ll slot you into the rotation.

Thanks all.

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