Workshops, Workshops Everywhere! (Including Mine)

So, over the last couple of days I’ve been sharing (online) last minute reminders about Robert Shearman’s upcoming ChiSeries workshop, “Writing Short Stories: The Long and the Short of It.”

Doing so has reminded me that I’ve been neglecting (well, here, in any case) talking about my own upcoming workshop, “The Guts of the Machine: Understanding the Short Fiction Market.”

Amusingly enough, both workshops are operating under almost exactly the same parameters, partly because they’re both being run out of the same venue (Bakka Phoenix Books): they both involve snacks being provided for you, a free book for attending (Remember Why You Fear Me for attending Rob’s workshop, and Masked Mosaic for attending mine), as well as a discount coupon good for 10% off any other books purchased at Bakka the day of the event.

(Also, I should point out that the copy of Masked Mosaic you get as part and parcel of attending my workshop is a negotiable item – I know some of the people who have talked about attending already have copies, so I’m fine with replacing a copy of Masked Mosaic with a different book).

Oddly enough, despite the fact that the two workshops flow perfectly into each other (Rob’s is about writing short fiction, mine is mostly about learning how to sell/market short fiction), they are not being run by the same people: Rob’s workshop is sponsored by the ChiSeries, and I’m handling my own by my lonesome. And there is also, technically, a differential in cost (Rob’s workshop is running $50.00 a ticket, mine is running $20.00 a ticket). Personally, I’d say to those of you who are early on in your writing careers that if you’re able and/or interested you should attend both.

Now, if you’re interested in potentially attending the workshop I’m running, but aren’t really sure it’s right for you, I’m going to point you in the direction of this earlier post of mine: “Announcing an Upcoming Short Fiction Workshop.” That post outlines what, and where, and why. And, really, what’s the point of having earlier work to refer to if you don’t refer to it, right?

And for those of you who don’t feel like clicking through (shame on you): I’m gearing “The Guts of the Machine: Understanding the Short Fiction Market” for newer to mid-career writers who are still trying to navigate short fiction markets (though, to be fair I’ve met precious few late career writers either who could tell you how the short fiction industry actually works – it’s like sausage making: the more you look into how the industry actually works, the more you want to throw up violently). I’m also going to talk about the submissions process in general (from an editor’s perspective), and talk about why things work the way they do in the short fiction market (lit and spec).

In point of fact, I’m approaching this largely from the function of being an editor (for those who don’t already know: I work as a submissions editor with Apex Magazine, and I’ve put in a shitload of time into studying the markets as a writer, an editor, and as part of the work I do running the Can Spec Fic List), and also partly from the position of a published writer as well. There’s an awful lot of advice out there about how to  go about selling short fiction. Most of it is absolute shit. Some of it is brilliant. Some of it comes from writers, some from editors, and every once in a while you find long series of multiple posts like Doug Smith’s “Playing the Short Game,” which are absolutely worth the reading. But at every fucking writer/editor appearance or con I go to people always ask about these subjects, and no one ever has the time, or the inclination to answer. I do. And you should feel free to avail yourself of that.

Once again, the direct link to the TicketLeap page for the workshop is here: “The Guts of the Machine: Understanding the Short Fiction Market.

And if anyone has questions they’d like me to address concerning the workshop, or, anything else, actually, feel free to e-mail me at “,” or ask your questions here in the Comments section.

Thanks all. Hope to see some of you at the workshop.

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