The Great July Link Roundup Post

No, you’re not crazy; there wasn’t a link roundup post in June.

But none of that matters because it’s link roundup day again! When does this randomly occurring holiday strike? Whenever enough interesting news tidbits have accrued.


Anyway, between attending Readercon 24, cleaning up my particular aftermath of the second bout of flooding to hit Toronto, and then a week’s worth of work, I haven’t really done much updating of the blog (as is self-evident). The upshot of which is that I am now dumping a bunch of interesting things in your lap and you can go forth and do with them what you will.

You are welcome.

Open (and Forthcoming) Calls for Writers:

Silvia Moreno-Garcia has announced her second anthology for Exile Editions: Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse. To quote Silvia: “The editor is interested in stories from 2,000 to 10,000 words. Stories must be set in Canada and written by Canadian authors.” The anthology will be paying .05/word (pro rates by most definitions). If Dead North (Silvia’s first anthology for Exile) is anything to go by, Fractured will be an eclectic mix of styles and stories, so if you’re going to try for the anthology you’ll want to pay close attention to the forthcoming updates on Silvia’s blog. Submissions will be open for Fractured from September 1 – November 30. Further guidelines/advice at the link for the anthology.

Open Calls for Writers (Reprints):

Paula Guran has put out a call for submissions in advance of The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2014 (Prime Books). Full information at the link to the anthology’s title. The deadline on sending material is February 1, 2014, but you’d do well to get anything in that you need to send to Paula long before that date hits.

And another call for submissions in aid of a reprint anthology to be had is one from Jonathan Strahan, in reference to The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Vol. 8. That link contains all the relevant information, and I would advise anyone sending something Strahan’s way to pay close attention to the guidelines around his preferred formats for review material. The deadline on this one is October 15, 2013, so you’ll need to send advance copies/galleys for anything coming out between then and the end of 2013. Again, send material sooner than later.

Open Calls for Writers (Pay-Entry Contests):

I don’t really enter a lot of pay entry contests, myself. Every once in a while sure, but not as a general rule, and it’s usually dependent on who’s running the venue rather than the prize. But The Puritan is running The Second Annual Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence, and I like the people who run The Puritan, so I’m passing this along here. It’s $10 (CDN) per entry, up to 12k for fiction, maximum of 3 pages for poetry, multiple submissions accepted, with a deadline of September 30. You can find the relevant rules at the link above, but I’m quoting a quick breakdown of the prizes below:

  • Fiction: $900 / Poetry: $600
  • Publication in The Puritan
  • Prize Pack from various Canadian publishers, including Coach House Books, House of Anansi, ECW Press, Porcupine’s Quill, Freehand Books, Goose Lane Editions, Cormorant Books, Brick Books, Mansfield Press, Pedlar Press, Insomniac Press, Coteau Books, Chaudiere Books, and Tightrope Books each worth over $600!

Go Ye Forth and Fund This:

Mike Kelly has launched an Indiegogo campaign to back the production of the newly created, annual Year’s Best Weird Fiction anthology series. Mike has gotten Laird Barron (!) on board as the inaugural editor, and the volume is slated to come out in 2014. There are some extraordinarily good rewards to be had out of that Indiegogo, and it’s getting close to half funded. This is a project I absolutely want to see happen. The field needs this niche filled – too often weird fiction is miscategorized or ignored, and it rarely if ever gets into the regular Year’s Best anthologies that focus specifically on SF or Fantasy, which is a commentary on genre restrictions rather than on quality of work, because there is some exquisite work being done under the umbrella of Weird Fiction. Anyway, if you’ve got some funds to toss Mike’s way, please do so.

Get Ye (Better) Paid for Thy Labours and Endeavours:

F&SF has raised their pay rates to 7-12 cents/word (up from 6-9 cents/word). If this requires explication you’re reading the wrong blog.

Reviews of My Work:

There’s a delightfully enthusiastic review of Masked Mosaic up at Amazing Stories. I find the review notable not just for its tone, however, but also for the fact that the reviewer has chosen to address all of the stories in the anthology. And they’ve done a rather nice read of the book as well, doing a sound job of interpreting the stories. It’s refreshing to be able to say that as as a general rule I take issue with many reviews, speaking as a reviewer, in that book reviewers often come to some appallingly erroneous and bizarre understandings of the books they are reading. Not so here :)

And speaking of projects in which Masked Mosaic is involved:


My short fiction related workshop, “The Guts of the Machine: Understanding the Short Fiction Market,” being held August 4th (1-3 pm) at Bakka Phoenix Books, still has tickets available (tickets are $20 each, and it’s a limited seating event, so if you want to attend register sooner than later). Attendees get a free copy of Masked Mosaic, a discount coupon for Bakka Phoenix Books, and there will be snacks. The workshop is an interactive discussion geared to early-to-mid-career writers, followed by a Q+A, and I’ll be addressing a fairly wide range of topics related to selling short fiction. It follows rather nicely Rob Shearman’s short fiction writing workshop, “Writing Short Fiction: The Long and the Short of It,” which was held at Bakka earlier this month, and which was ever so much fun. Rob is always a delight, as well as a brilliant writer, and if you ever have the chance to see him do … well, anything in person, take it.

You can find out more about my workshop at the link above, and if you want to attend but already have a copy of Masked Mosaic I’ve got a standing offer to put another book in in the anthology’s place – just let me know when you register so I can arrange that in advance. I can be reached at

That’s pretty much everything for now. I’ve miles to go yet before I sleep, and a ton of things that need to get done. And I’m sure more things I want to point out will keep cropping up, so I’ll link those when they show. Actually, there’s also an announcement related to the Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest coming up once everything is in place for that, and I’ll announce that here as well once the news is public.

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