Unexpected Anniversaries and Last Minute Reminders

Apparently I started this blog two years ago today. I … did not realize this until now?

And, consequently, I have nothing special planned. Perhaps I will put together a metrics post of some kind later on.

But, actually, the reason I logged in was to throw out a last minute reminder about the workshop I’m running on Sunday:

The Guts of the Machine: Understanding the Short Fiction Market

On Sunday, August 4th, from 1-3 pm at Bakka Phoenix Books, I’ll be holding a workshop for new to mid-level writers. Rather than a straight lecture, I’m running it as an interactive discussion on a fair host of topics relating to the short fiction market. A general outline of topics to be covered (and whatever else crops up) can be found at the TicketLeap page for the website (linked above at the workshop title). The reason I’m pointing this out again is that there are still some tickets left, and I’m letting those people who might want to attend, but either haven’t heard about this yet, or who meant to sign up and never got around to it, know that there’s still seats left.

So, yes, tickets (at $20, which gets you a free copy of the Masked Mosaic anthology and a discount coupon for Bakka as well) are still available. There will be snacks on hand, and the attendance on this workshop is limited so that there can be a Q+A following and everyone can be sure to get their questions answered.

Many thanks to all of you who have already signed up, so that I won’t be standing alone in a deserted room. This is far nicer :)

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