Fall Cleaning

So, celebrating this website now being two years old not so much with a metrics post as by doing an overhaul of site design. Been wanting a cleaner version for a while now, so slowly doing that. Changes and consolidations forthcoming as we go.

But in the midst of all of this, I will follow up on the Short Fiction Market workshop I ran on Sunday, August 4th, at Bakka Phoenix Books. Mostly by pointing you at this post by Simon McNeil (who attended the workshop) and then by being horribly lazy and posting in my additional thoughts on Simon’s writeup that I had originally posted to Facebook:

Simon McNeil wrote up his experience of the short fiction market workshop I ran back on the 4th. Fair warning: this makes me appear *far*, far more organized than I actually am :)

Also, in addition to the things mentioned here, that workshop covered networking with other writers, how to hunt down markets (via market listing websites, networking, and experience), some additional points around submitting, and some of the unfortunate realities of the editorial perspective as it relates to submitted fiction. I also shared a bunch of horror stories, because what better opportunity to scar young writers?

All told, that workshop ran about an hour and forty-five minutes. And the best thing about it – well, from my end, anyway – was the fact that all of the attendees were comfortable enough with the open discussion format (basic lectures are boring – you know it, I know it, the dead horse [the one everyone keeps beating] knows it, and so on) that questions were asked freely, and the entire session was an ongoing Q+A, which was the whole point, really. In the end, the attending writers learned a great deal from each other, as well as from me. So all in all an excellent workshop.

I hold with my original thoughts, so I’m just going to leave you with that for now. Also, I’ve been asked if I intend to run this workshop again at some point, and the answer is yes. Not sure when exactly as of yet. But it was a highly enjoyable experience, the model I had used for putting this together holds up well under practice, and people seemed to get what they wanted/needed out of it. So, yes, in future there will be at least one more of these workshops.

Also, nice news from today that I will share later on, and several things over the last couple of days that may also get mentioned (though those are still in progress, so maybe not yet). Need to get the basics here in order before I talk about all the things currently in development though.


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