That Post About Why There Aren’t Currently New Posts

Well, actually that’s misleading. This post isn’t about why there aren’t currently new posts on the website. It’s more of a placeholder, with me saying that right now things are busy, and my attention is elsewhere.

Right now there’s nothing really interesting going on with the website, but there will, of course, be updates down the road. And they’ll be nice updates. Really they will.

What’s going on right now is not for sharing in this particular arena.

In the meantime, things are busy but not currently lucrative and I could do with some more freelance work than I currently have. So if you’ve need of an editorial freelancer (also willing to do freelance writing, though that depends entirely on the project) give me a shout at General rates are $30-40 an hour, though that’s variable depending on the job, and I’m (again, depending on situation) able to pull that down a touch for them as needs work done but has financial issues. We’re all in the same boat.

Probably why the damn thing rocks so often.

More updates down the road. Take care in the meantime, all.

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