A Whack of Updates (Availabilities, Sales, Free Things)

Well, there’s a fuckload of things to update now, isn’t there? That’s what happens when life, like some appalling, crashing tide, smashes one up against a breaker. Repeatedly.

In any case, all the problematic stuff is not going up on the blog, because, really, most of it’s not for public consumption. And this is, by and large, an author blog. My facebook account tends to be where I discuss things involving life in the more corporeal sense.

So, here, there shall be updates concerning publications, things forthcoming, sales, and so on.

Beginning with the fact that the much-delayed Summer 2013 issue of Sol Rising is now a real thing. Technically, because the “new” Friends of the Merril Collection website doesn’t yet include the backlist of issues, I’m just going to post a .pdf copy here, which you can download and read at your leisure:

Sol Rising Summer 2013

Among the things I would suggest you go look at in that issue is an article on recommended short fiction collections from 2012 and 2013, which have been banner years for stellar short fiction collections out of Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. Short fiction collections don’t get a lot of love from the publishing industry – they can be a bit tricky to sell; novels have a larger share of the market, and anthologies tend to do better than short fiction collections by virtue of diversity and a wide spread of well-known (if possible) names – but short fiction collections gather together exceptional work, often both reprint and new stories, or sometimes entirely new stories. Even if you’re more into novels, I’d suggest looking over that article: you may find a favourite author you weren’t aware wrote short fiction had a collection out this year or last year. You’d be surprised how many people write both short and long form fiction.

And on another note: Now that October’s not too far down the road (christ this year moved fast, didn’t it?) it seems like a good time to mention again that two anthologies I have stories in will soon be out in the world:

Mike Kelly‘s Chilling Tales 2 (which contains my story “Weary, Bone Deep”) can currently be pre-ordered through Amazon and is due to release in a couple of weeks (October 15th or thereabouts?). There will be a launch for it here in Toronto, though I don’t know if the specifics are supposed to be public yet? So, uh, when I know if that’s okay to make public, I’ll post that information here.

Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘s Dead North (which contains my story “Hungry Ghosts”) can also currently be pre-ordered through Amazon and will be releasing slightly earlier (October 1st) than Chilling Tales 2. You can find the first (delightfully positive) review of Dead North here.

Both books are going to be awesome, and you should totally buy yourself copies :)

Also, speaking to new stories, I’ve sold a story to Ideomancer, which is, I shit you not, quite literally my favourite short fiction market. I have been trying to get into Ideomancer for quite some time now. And this, aspiring writers, is why you always look for venues with extraordinary editors: Leah Bobet, who publishes Ideomancer, aside from being an amazingly talented writer and a good friend, was willing to take a piece that was almost there, but not quite, and take it all the way from being unfinished, to being worthy to run in Ideomancer.

Yeah, I’m really not exaggerating the level of quality of the stories on display in (and thus required to get into) Ideomancer. Stories like Anatoly Belilovsky’s “Chrestomathy” and Gabriel Murray’s “Swan-Brother” among so many gorgeous pieces have graced their pages and the magazine never hits a wrong note. And, speaking as an editor, I do not say that lightly.

But enough fan squee for now.

I’m not giving away the title of the story I sold to Ideomancer just yet. I feel like making that a surprise for now. Every once in a while I like doing that. And my story will run in the December 2013 issue, so you don’t have that long to wait to find out the title. Or read the story, for that matter.

Things are hectic and scattered enough around here that I’m sure there’s something else I should mention, but I can’t think of what at the moment.

That’s what subsequent posts are for, I suppose.

In any case, still need freelancing work, so if you’ve need of a freelance editor/writer give me a shout (through the Contact page on the nav bar).

Until next update. *waves*

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