Ask Not What Can Do For You …

So, relaunched this month. Which is awesome for all kinds of reasons. For my part it means I get to go back to writing and wrangling reviews for the website, which I love doing. So yay!

But it also means that there’s now an opportunity to get involved for those of you looking to contribute to the wider critical conversation of and about speculative fiction. Two ways, specifically:

First, there’s a new section on the relaunched website, called “The Weird.” Right now we’re looking for it to become an open community voice and discussion space through reader-contributed articles. Opines, commentary, raves, rants, and other various and sundry all welcome. Please address your article submissions to Stephen Michell, at Your Subject line should read: The Weird: [Name of Article], [Your Name]. Word limit on submissions is 1,000 words.

Second, with the relaunch I’m managing the reviews section of the website. We’re gearing up to post some backlogged material, and looking for more as we plan to return to a weekly review release schedule. In addition to the current staff I’m looking to add reviewers interested in covering anything like books, comics, graphic novels, and films. For film, if you’re interested in doing an ongoing column, let me know.

Anyone who’s interested in writing reviews for should write to me at Please include/link to 2-3 samples of your prior review work so I can get a feel for your writing style. This is not a paid position, but we do receive offers of review copies from various publishers (distributed on a first come, first serve basis among the reviewers) so there are free books (e-book and/or print depending on publisher and request) to be had.

Also, to publishers: you may now resume sending us book review requests again. All review requests should be addressed to We cover a broad range of speculative fiction (also interstitial, fabulist, magic realist, and so on). Generally material with a somewhat darker tone, but give us a shout with whatever you’ve got and we’ll take a look.

Feel free to spread the word for both options. As for anything review related, things are a little busy on this end right now so it might take me a day or two to get back to you. But I look forward to hearing from everyone.

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2 Responses to Ask Not What Can Do For You …

  1. Nice! Not sure I can add another reviewing gig to the plate, but I’ll spread the word out Winnipeg way.

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